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My name is Connary Fagen. Since 2007, I've worked as a designer with in-house and agency teams. In 2015, I opened my independent studio, Connary Fagen, Inc., where I now offer graphic design and type foundry services.


I help brands communicate with their audiences through design and typography.


Every project begins with pen on paper, in black and white, with a focus on form and balance. After the core design is complete, work shifts to the computer, where we iterate and explore colorways and typography. The process ensures that, whatever the project, the final results are balanced, versatile, and able to hold up in any scenario.


My work features a blend of restrained timelessness and of-the-moment vibrancy. Taking my clients' needs into consideration, I acknowledge the value and influence of trends while also looking at the longer view. The idea is to offer design that looks good now, but will also hold up over time.


I've built a multi-disciplinary skillset to best serve my clients, including identity & branding design, print, web, motion graphics, packaging, and type design. I work with industries across the board, including film studios, software companies, record labels, restaurants, and consumer electronics. If you're wondering if I'd be a good fit for your project, don't hesitate to Myself or a colleague will reply.


Connary Fagen Type Design was launched to compliment my graphic design services with high-quality, useful, affordable fonts. Since 2014, shops like YouWorkForThem have featured my catalog. My typefaces have been used by IBM, the New York Philharmonic, Coachella, MTV, Animal Planet, Lands’ End, Diabetes Canada, Massage Envy, the Utah Arts Festival, and more.

My typefaces include extensive language support, advanced OpenType features, and a wide range of weights and styles. Visit the TYPEFACES section of the menu for more information on individual font families.


Check out a gallery featuring real-world examples of my typefaces in use by clicking right here.


If you'd like to purchase one of my typefaces but the standard license doesn’t cover your usage, I’m happy to quote a custom license for you. to the studio. Myself or a colleague will get you squared away.


Made to order typefaces are the ultimate branding tool. A one-of-a-kind, built from scratch typeface gives your brand a consistent, unified presence across media. Commissioned typefaces can be licensed with a number of options, including specialized language support and exclusivity. For more information, to the studio and we'll take it from there.


The standard user license agreement for Connary Fagen typefaces is available here.

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