How does font licensing work?

When you purchase a typeface from us, you’re technically purchasing a license to use the font, just like buying an app. Different licenses cover different types of usage, such as print, website design, app user interfaces, eBooks, and more.

If it sounds confusing, it is — but we promise to make licensing as painless as possible. We’ll work with you to make sure your needs are met at a fair price.

What license should I buy?

We offer three licenses "off the rack" on our website:

Desktop License
This is the basic foundational license that covers typical print, digital, and social media design, usage in logos, and motion graphics. This license is often also called a “standard license”. OTF font files are provided with this license. One desktop license covers one user. If you need a large number of desktop licenses (ex: agencies, in-house design teams, corporations), for volume pricing.

Webfont License
This license covers CSS @font-face declarations, allowing for live type on a website using one of our typefaces. WOFF font files are provided with this license; TTF files can be provided on request. One webfont license covers one domain. Though best suited to websites, its possible to use WOFF files with services such as Squarespace with a little technical know-how. This license does not include the basic usage covered by the Desktop License and is a separate item.

License Bundle
This includes one desktop license and one webfont license in a single kit, priced as a combo. This is good for a solo designer who needs both a standard license and webfont use for a single domain. If you need to cover a team, please purchase the desktop and webfont licenses separately, or for volume pricing.

What other licenses
do you offer?

Large Volume Commercial License
This license augments the Desktop License, covering high-volume/high-traffic usage of over 250,000 impressions (print or digital). for more info and pricing.

App License
This license augments the Desktop License, covering the use of a font in a mobile or desktop application’s user interface. One App License covers a single title/app on as many platforms as you wish to port to (ex: Macintosh, Windows, iOS, Android). for more info and pricing.

eBook License
This license augments the Desktop License, giving you the ability to produce and sell an eBook on platforms like Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks. for more info and pricing.

How many licenses do I need?
One Desktop License per user is a good baseline.

For example, if you work at an agency and wish to use a typeface in a client project, purchase one Desktop License for each team member who is working on the project. If the client would like to use the typeface themselves, purchase a Desktop License for each of their users as well.

If the client has a website that will use the typeface, purchase one Webfont License for the entire project. There's no need to purchase more than one Webfont License unless the client has multiple domains.

If you're not sure and need guidance, don't hesitate to .

Do you offer bulk pricing or other discounts?
We offer volume pricing for teams that require a large number of licenses. Educational and non-profit licensing is also available. for more info.

Do I have to pay a subscription?
No – all of our typeface licenses are perpetual, meaning you pay for the license once and use it forever. There are no renewals or expirations on any licenses offered directly through the foundry.

Do you offer original commissioned typefaces?
Yes! Bespoke typefaces are the ultimate branding tool. A one-of-a-kind, built from scratch typeface gives your brand a consistent, unified presence across media. Commissioned typefaces can be licensed with a number of options, including specialized language support and exclusivity. For more information, for more info.

Can I see your fonts in use?
Yes! Our typefaces have been used by customers large and small across the globe. A gallery of real-world spottings of our fonts in the wild is available here.

Can I use your fonts in website templates, resume templates, stamp kits, or similar items?
No, sorry. In situations where one of our typefaces is a core piece of your product, you must clear it with us first and obtain a custom license. Usage of this nature is not covered by our standard EULA.

Where can I find your EULA?
The newest version is always available at

Where else can I buy your typefaces?
Licenses can be purchased from our friends at , , and . Note that each shop caters to a unique audience and offers different types of licenses, with YWFT and Fontspring aimed at teams and professionals, and Creative Market designed for individuals.

I have more questions.
to contact us any time.